Connect you android phone and PC without cables

sometimes you just cant seem to find where you put your USB cable and need stuff from your phone or PC. Today I am going to show you a neat trick I learned which I use even if there is a cable around.

There is quite a number of ways to do this but the option I will explore today will be using a phone , laptop connected via wifi with a router so this is a fairly basic thing if you have a router at home/work and you use it for Internet on both devices. the truth is if you have such a configuration both the devices are basically connected   just an issue of transferring files left.

Connecting the two

Now on your phone you need to have es file explorer download and install from Google play if not yet. I am assuming that you have connected your phone and computer to the network.

  1. on your computer, go to start>>search >> type cmd >> enter and type ipconfig. it will show you a number of things


2.   and there you will see a line named ipv4 Address that is your IP address just note it down and close the window

3.  next up on your phone open es file explorer the default folder it opens is sd card, touch the top left icon(it’s called fast access icon) and it will show you more options, select LAN


3.   because you have no computer connected it will show just this,….


3.  click new on the bottom left corner

4.  on server, enter the IP address you noted earlier, also your computer user-name and password and click OK.

Screenshot_2013-12-06-11-32-35  Screenshot_2013-12-06-11-32-42

5.  after adding server(your computer) you can long press it to rename it, incase you want to connect more than one pc and want to remember them by name. to add more just repeat steps above.


What you can do with computer files

next,.. the fun part. touch once the computer you want to connect to to open it. it will show you a number of folders, the ones with $ at the end you cannot access for now, but those without you can, so open users,your user-name, scroll to the file/folder you want. long press it  to mark it, click on more, there you will get various things you can do with the file, like

Screenshot_2013-12-06-13-39-15   Screenshot_2013-12-06-13-40-32

  1. hide, if you borrowed your computer to someone and you want to hide the file without the person noticing.
  2. share, to share to email,watsapp, Facebook and a host of other places.
  3. open as, to open the file on your phone
  4. send, via  LAN(subject of another future post)
  5. view file properties
  6. move to/copy to your phone
Now for files on you Phone/ tablet
  1. click on fast access icon go to sdcard0 to access files on your sd card
  2. it will list all files on your sd card in phone
  3. and do whatever you want to do with the files, transfer pictures, recordings, videos the possibilities are endless


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